The Exhibit Experience

The workbench will be on a slightly elevated platform, about 6-inches high, so that the visitors can get under-views in addition to seeing the top and vises well. The tool cabinet will be about a dozen feet away, sitting on a plinth with full 360-degree visibility. If all goes well, you will be able to get within inches of the cabinet.


Visitors will be expected to follow museum decorum and show the pieces, our hosts and their fellow enthusiasts the respect they deserve.

No Food.   No Drink.   No Touching.   No Tobacco.   No Chewing Gum.

No Kidding.

Studley Inlay

The Opening Event

I’m working on an Opening Lecture evening for the exhibit.  There would be a separate modestly priced ticket for this event, which will include a number of presentations regarding the grandeur and history of the magnificent ensemble, along with a first — but distant — glimpse of Studley’s handiwork.     Stay tuned.

Studley Inlay